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Advertising : 2 Codes


A famous company president once said:
“Advertising, to me, is really one of the mysteries of American business. I
can inventory my stock. I can calculate the cost of my factories. I can figure
my taxes, estimate my depreciation, determine my sales cost, derive my return
per share. Yet, there are times when I spend as much as $18,000,000 a
year on advertising—and have no idea what I am really getting for my


1. The number of people who remember (and who do not remember) your
current advertising. We call this PENETRATION.

2. The number of customers in each group. The difference in these two figures
shows how many have been pulled over to the usage of your product by your
advertising. We call this USAGE PULL.


Sales go Up & Sales Go down

Recently a group of marketing men, almost idly, at a luncheon table, listed thirty seven
different factors, any or all of which could cause the total sales of a brand to
move up or down.
Advertising was only one of these.
The product may be wrong. Price may be at fault. Distribution may be poor. The
sales force may not be adequate. Budget may be too low. A better product may be
sweeping the market. A competitor may be outwitting you with strong deals. There
are many variables.

Direct Response

A new perspective on direct response copywriting: how to sell more with love
By J.C 
You’ve undoubtedly heard that direct response copywriting is, hands-down, the best way to make more sales online.
But …
If you’re among the conscious/mission-driven entrepreneurs of the world, then the thought of using direct response copy in your business may make you feel “icky.”
(Not sure what direct response copywriting is? Direct response copy is any copy designed to get readers to take action — such as a click on a link or purchase a product. You may have seen it in those long sales letters where you scroll down forever looking for the price, or emails you receive when you’re on someone’s email list.)
All the “gurus” say you need direct response copywriting if you want to build your online business.
But when you sit down to write it, you feel inauthentic. Arm-twisty. Sales-y. Like you need to take a shower.
Sound familiar?
Have you ever stopped to think about why you feel that way when it comes to sales?
It’s because a lot of traditional direct response copy is based on tapping into fear-based emotions, like fear, guilt, scarcity, and shame.
You see, the only way you can compel someone to take action is to tap into his or her emotions. It doesn’t matter if you’re making an offer to a potential client or trying to get your kids to go to bed at a reasonable hour. It all comes down to emotions.
And, all emotions fall under either fear or love — so you have a choice if you want to use fear to persuade or love.
If you’re here, I have a feeling you don’t want to use fear, guilt, scarcity, and shame to sell your products and services.
And the good news is that you don’t have to!
Yes, it’s true! You can sell—successfully—in a way that feels good to you and to your prospective clients.
You’re probably wondering how.
To create effective marketing copy based in love rather than fear, you must understand the truth about pain.
Wait, what?
You read that right; pain IS part of the love-based copy writing approach.
I’ll explain.
Conscious entrepreneurs are often sensitive to talking about prospective clients’ pain. You’re in business to alleviate pain, right? So the last thing you want to do is remind your clients about the very thing you want to heal.
While I agree—you don’t want to twist that knife—I want you to understand that talking about pain is actually an important part of the healing (and buying) process.
Here are some considerations to make:
Pain Versus Suffering
Pain is real — there is a problem in people’s lives and they have pain around it.
Not only that, but pain is a necessary part of life. It’s an indicator that something is going wrong.
Suffering is a whole different animal.
Suffering typically happens when we magnify existing pain using fear, shame, guilt or something response copywriting
Pain is a part of life. Suffering doesn’t have to be.
So when it comes to copywriting, it’s actually critical to remind people of their pain and then offer them a solution—and give them the opportunity to make a choice about whether to use that solution.
If they’re done experiencing the pain, they may be ready for your product or services. If not, they’re probably not an ideal client yet.
On the other hand, it’s unnecessary (and can feel slimy!) to twist the knife and use your copywriting to cause suffering. Yes, a lot of traditional direct response copywriting has roots in twisting the knife (which is also known as agitating the pain). And that’s one of the reasons why using pain in marketing and copy has gotten such a bad rap .
It’s a fine line, but a crucial one.
The Importance of Pain
Like I mentioned above, pain is an indicator that something is wrong, or that something could be better.
As a business owner, pain you experience may indicate an opportunity for growth.
So take this as an opportunity to get comfortable with pain. Consider the following:
* Pain adds urgency. You would never call your dentist in the middle of the night and say “Oh my God, I missed my cleaning, can you get me in now?” But if you broke a tooth? Or a jaw? Yeah you may be waking your dentist (or doctor) up.
So, let’s bring that back to marketing:
If you don’t remind your ideal clients about their pain, they may say things like, “Oh, what you do sounds great! I’ll definitely have to work with you one day.” But as you know, in so many cases “one day” never comes.
And that pain doesn’t go away. In fact, it may even devolve into suffering because they don’t take you up on working together, which may alleviate the pain.
* People remain in the status quo … unless something compels them to change. Unless you actually remind someone that she’s in pain, she’ll be likely to resist making a change. Only by reminding her are you giving her the opportunity to CHOOSE change. Does they really want to stay there? Or is she ready to move forward?
* I believe the sales process should mirror the transformation your products or services create. If you are a healer, or coach, you already know transformation includes pain. If you don’t give prospects the gift of going through their pain in your marketing or selling process, they may decide in the middle of working with you—when they do experience pain—that they’re not ready to move forward … and that’s when people disappear, drop out, or even ask for refunds (and none of us want those things to happen).
* Neglecting to talk about pain is neglecting the opportunity to allow your clients to put two and two together: that your offering may actually be a solution to their pain. In today’s busy world, people may not go so far as to draw the connection between their pain and your offering, if you don’t make it perfectly clear. (Plus, it’s also disrespectful. Your ideal clients are truly in pain — not addressing it can feel disrespectful.)
* As soon as you master love-based copywriting – and the love-based way of using pain in your marketing materials – it feels so good! You can stand in your power as a confident successful entrepreneur because your copy will attract the people who most need the work you do. You’ll be attracting and landing clients whose lives you can transform. Not only will you grow your business but you’ll also make a bigger impact.
* Learning how to use pain in a love-based way gives YOU the opportunity to grow and heal. This could be exactly what you need to do to take your business to the next level. Getting uncomfortable is part of being an entrepreneur. That’s why I’m challenging you today to try using pain in a love-based marketing way to stretch yourself, personally and professionally.
You can use this article as an example of how to use pain in a love-based way. Did you notice how I wove in pain without twisting the knife? I educated you on pain without causing suffering.
Now it’s time for you to decide: Do you want to keep doing what you’ve always done, writing marketing copy that feels icky? Or are you ready to change how your market to your ideal clients?
Bottom line: it’s really a disservice to your ideal prospects NOT mention their pain. Because if you don’t, they’re not going to buy. And if they don’t buy, you won’t make the difference you long to make, your ideal clients will remain stuck in their pain, and you may never become the person and entrepreneur you’re meant to become.

Census team targeted in Lahore 

Lahore:A heavy explosion targeting census team in Lahore’s Bedian Road area costs lives of six people including four soldiers of Pakistan army. At least dozens were injured in the attack, according to Punjab government. 

Punjab Government spokesperson Malik Ahmed Khan that “the attack was a suicide blast. Non the lease, the amount of explosive used is yet to be determined ” he said

He added, ” it can safely be assumed that this census team and the security personnel with it were the target of the suicide bomber all along ”

Reports revealed that the explosion took place when a suicide bomber blew himself near an army vehicle. 

The injured were shifted to CM hospital and General hospital. 

Griefs and Condolences state by national Civil and military leadership. 

China’s new policy to curb extremism

What has proposed?

China’s tough rules against wearing veils and beards. Authorities in China introduced new policy for its far-western region of Xinjing strict measures to counter extremism by prohibiting beards and wearing veils in public places.

Xinjing : Muslim population 

Increasing unrest in the Muslim Uighur area cost hundreds of people. However rights groups view that unrest resulted because of repressive government policies

key features:

a. workers in public space are required to dissuade those who fully cover their bodies.

b. Rejecting or refusing radio,tv and other pubic facilities

c. Parents should use good moral conduct to influence their children.

Of note:

Despite China’s guarantee religious freedom several measures have been taken to curb Muslim People of Uighur.

US,Afghan accuse of Pakistan to support Haqqani


The last week’s car bombing in Kabul has created suspicious about Pakistan’s efforts to eliminated menace of terrorism. The US State Department asks Pakistan to concrete action against Haqqani that has accepted the responsibility of the attack.

The attack outside a building of the National Directorate for Security in Kabul  (NDS) on Tuesday that killed 60 people and injured more than 300 others. The attack clearly undermine the global efforts to promote peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan.

The foreign Office in Pakistan condemned the attack ” We extend our heartfelt sympathies and condolences to those who have lost their loved ones and prey for early recovery of the injured”.

The director of the state department’s press office, Elizebth Trudean, suggested  on Friday evening that Islamabad continued to allow terrorist to use it soil. More over the similar statements reported by Afghan government officials.

She said in her news briefing in Washington, ” we have consistently expressed over concerns at the highest level of the government of Pakistan about their continued tolerance for Afghan Taliban groups such as the  Haqqani network operating from Pakistani soil”

Furthermore she added, ” we did again-after the week’s attack, we have pressed the government of Pakistan to follow up on its expressed commitment not to discriminate between terror groups regardless of their agenda or their affiliation by undertaking concrete action against the Haqqani”

Showing his discontent Afghan President Ashraf Ghani vowed after the attack “vengeance for each drop of blood spilled” As well As chief executive, Abdullah Abdullah, cancelled a May 2, visit to Islamabad citing the findings of a preliminary investigation .

On Friday, the presidential spokesman Dewa k.M also make responsible Pakistan to supported and armed the Haqqani network that carried out the attack.

The US State Department said that Pakistan had reiterated that it would not discriminate between terrorist groups and,”we continue to call on them to live up to that commitment”.