Government investment in the arts, such as music and theater, is a waste of money. Governments must invest this money in public services instead.

Without arts and creativity society is dead. Culture is the most hilarious and important for human artistic nature. Arts is not the product of recent days but it comes into existence with the creation of mankind. It evolves with the passage of time and now a days there are numerous activities in promotion of music, photography and all kinds of creativity. Therefore maximum resources should allocate to encourage creativity and safe arts from dying.


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The sad fact is governments are not paying attention to promote arts all and sundry. There are visible vacuum if we read independent research and conduct survey. As the matter of fact before 19th century arts and culture were celebrate by king. For instance, during the Mughal kingdom in the subcontinent historical monuments, painting and music were awarded by king.

Furthermore music, portrait and cultural activities of Room and Paris is still reminiscent by reading script and historical record. The same spirits can be seen throughout history.

At present international charter ensure protection of heritage and culture. There is no question of resources shortage but willingness and priorities. Governments find tourism business by taking cultural friendly measures.


Arts in action

Preserving history and heritage is prime duty of individual and government. Leaving aside the importance of other needs arts cannot be undervalued. Culture has high scale in development of human intellectual and sprite. Therefore government must create arts friendly environment and spend money as well.

All and all, arts must be admired by holistic support from individual and government.