Crime has poly-colour and several forms such as depriving from legitimate rights and money. Humans are perpetual of crime to impose their will or fulfil desires by taking wrong means. It has roots from existence of mankind and evil will. Crime can be control by strict laws and speedy justice. The civilize society must ride off crime and ensure peace and lasting stability.


Causes of Crime

Sociologists’ state, socio-economic inequality in modern society cause to nurse crimes. The increasing gap between poor and rich is resulted to lawlessness. Constant hunger and fatal disease abet human to commit crime. When there is no right way to fulfil the needs wrong methods do serve.

Unemployment is certainly lead to snatching people’s valuable and robbery. We read stories about college graduate commit crimes because of jobless. It is one of the most appealing and dangerous cause that destroy the fabric of society. Hence working age group people are assets for economic prosperity and national development.

To curb the criminal acts civilize society needs legislation and equal justice. In other words, personal security and safeguarding property are the prime responsibilities of state. In case of violation perpetuator must subject under prescribe punishment. Thus fear of law control individual to engross others belonging.

Furthermore, unbiased and speedy justice serves to prevent crime. Instead of might is right, there are laws apply equally. The days of jungle laws are no more therefore, every one faces punishment in case of subversion people legitimate rights. Execution of law is the best remedy to narrow down criminal acts in society.

Considering human factors unlike ancient political system whereas people were hopeless before mighty and powerful one. Nevertheless, in modern social order we are familiar ideas and system that ensure protection from injustices and cruelty.

To roundup, human have senses to distinguish between right and wrong. Therefore violation cause rigorous punishment. Reduction in crime ratio only possible when execution apply without fear and favour.