Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Attending a live performing is more enjoyable that watching the same event on tv ?
Entertainment serves more pleasure if performs in actual environment. It is the duty of artists and society to keep alive the studio activities. Visiting theater and enjoying live performance is give value to become a virtual part of character. In Pre-communication advancement people travel far to enjoy and admire artists. Nonetheless, inventions of TV and radio along with long work hours replace traditional entertainment ways. Hence the artists live performance and sport events receive appreciation and reward from audience.
On the one hand, people enjoy watching drama, music and movies on screen at home to relieve and refresh themselves.  They enjoy play by live stream although they unable to create studio like response from audience. Apparently there are wide differences between traditional and technological enjoyment tools.

On the other hand, live performances have still practice in youngster on special occasions like parties and celebrations. The sad fact, modern art is dying with the passing time. Therefore living spirit is needed to attend live performance. 

 Following are the main features:

First, environment does matter while refreshing from monotonous routine. Whereas attending live performance keeps someone head and heart united and multiply enjoyment.

Secondly, technology makes human incompetent to some extent especially health problems. 

Thirdly, artists can receive applause from audience while performing. Another aspect is dialogue and story keeps everlasting impacts on viewers.  

Finally, arts councils, concert and cock studio contributes in cultural exchange of society.

In my opinion arts and sports even today attend by youngster, female and children. They enjoy more than just watching idle and wasting time on video streams.

In a nutshell, artists’ performance and sport event can admire by physical presence. Thus attending sport and concert is essential for real entertainment.