In many countries very few young people read newspaper or follow the news on TV


Throughout history newspapers play leading role in overall nation building. Mainstream media and relevant channels are independent from fear and force. These are sources which reflect the true picture of society. It is quite essential for everyone to keep abreast yourself what is happening. Especially youngster must acquaintance about society, business and inventions. Mushroom growth of mass media has unique status in freedom and democratic ideas.

Despite growth and easy access of newspaper youngsters are driven off from habit of reading regular news. In consequence they are failed to utilize potential and fulfil responsibilities in letter and spirit. The main reasons illiteracy, poverty and unavailability of media.

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Illiteracy and drop out school ratio is a major cause of not reading newspaper. Lack of education is a bolt in society. According to research out of school children increasing globally because of constrain economic condition of lower middle class. Indeed without education incentives and collective commitment we cannot develop.

Another factor is increasing poverty and deprivation from basic needs. In the circle of destitution people are trying to provide means to family without considering the actual importance of news. Even to large extent news affect their socio-economic conditions.

Moreover, Independent research reveal that around 2 billion people are using internet and have access to get information. Resultantly rest of the people are living in remote areas with no communication channel. Therefore government and non-government steps are required to uplift the condition of people.

Assessing the gravity of issue, adequate resources utilize to distribute free or low cost newspaper. The same spirit imparted in Franc before revolution. Initiative had been taken to distribute free print papers in order to bring mass awareness.

As the matter of facts, universal campaign is needed to spread education. No nation can achieve the glory and everlasting development without literacy. Hence it is the prime duty of governments to prove free and quality education to subjects.

To close, youngsters are not blame for others deed, it is the societal responsibility to aware them and help them to lead the nation.