In contemporary era technology has become central part in social and business spectrum. It helps individual and industry to reach the destney. By utilising scientific tools human travel to other planets and under water. Hence technology remains intact in over all human development. 

Considering the curse of technology; diminishing moral values,social unrest and rising violence. Modern inventions create modern life style where we loss humanity and common feelings for others. Nothing more lost we can re gain that by judicious use of technology. 

Nontheless, technology has enormous value in our society. It is a real blessing. First, inventions eroded geographical boundaries and establish universal brotherhood. Accordingly, race, colour and blood have no significant over collective causes. 

Secondly, it has also revolutionise education and getting information. Global collaboration among institutions and research centres mushroom information and settle problems. 

Thirdly, by imparting technology we can secure ourself from choronical disease and protect animals and agriculture from harmful bacteria. 

Last but not the least, technology helps human beings to discover the undiscovered and know the unknowable things. 
To conclude, advantages of technology are numerous over disadvantages. We need to use technology without compromising on fundamental principles.