Indian Cross border fire kills Pakistan girl

Tens of thousands, mostly civilians, were killed in occupied Kashmir

In a fresh Indian aggression another five year girl receives bullet in head. The life of civilian in jeopardy because of cross fire.

Both India and Pakistan claim full territory after decolonization. India deploy troops and occupied forcefully after 1948 war.




                          Nuclear proliferation a big challenge

Post-cold war world is a challenging era in terms of national security and economic development. In fact, dis armaments and non-proliferation are major concerns to global peace.

North Korea recently practice nuclear test which create power imbalance in Asia.

America and Japan react Nuke aggression and call Security Council actions. According to White house statement the act “very hostile” and “a great threat”. In consequence, America takes national security initiatives and economic measures.

Meanwhile, North Korea efforts to have nuclear power create imbalance in Asia. South Korea, China and Japan urge peaceful development in Asia.

Sever Human Rights Violation in Myanmar

It is the matter of great concern that Muslim genocide by Burma and Buddhist mobs is humanitarian crisis.

Rakhine, the less develop region in Myanmar, is home to Rohingya. Decades of deprivation and state of uncertainty resulted lawlessness and instability. Equally, dictator and unstable democratic regime fail to mitigate the conditions of destitute people.

The current surge in violence is failure of present government and leadership. Violence erupted in a week ago when around eight police officers were killed.

In consequence, 58,000 Refugee fleeing to Bangladesh and 1 million people are homeless.

Further, more than 100 people died.

Government, Burma and Buddhist mobs are involved in rape, killing and set fire villages.

In reaction, Britain foreign secretary Boris Johnson warns noble laureate Aung San Suu Kyi over discrimination again Muslim. Besides, international institutions and individuals are showed concerns sever human rights violation.

Immediate measures required to stop the violence and to end the prejudice that afflicts both Muslims and other communities in Rakhine.



Incentives to promote Arts


Government investment in the arts, such as music and theater, is a waste of money. Governments must invest this money in public services instead.

Without arts and creativity society is dead. Culture is the most hilarious and important for human artistic nature. Arts is not the product of recent days but it comes into existence with the creation of mankind. It evolves with the passage of time and now a days there are numerous activities in promotion of music, photography and all kinds of creativity. Therefore maximum resources should allocate to encourage creativity and safe arts from dying.


Image credit Google.

The sad fact is governments are not paying attention to promote arts all and sundry. There are visible vacuum if we read independent research and conduct survey. As the matter of fact before 19th century arts and culture were celebrate by king. For instance, during the Mughal kingdom in the subcontinent historical monuments, painting and music were awarded by king.

Furthermore music, portrait and cultural activities of Room and Paris is still reminiscent by reading script and historical record. The same spirits can be seen throughout history.

At present international charter ensure protection of heritage and culture. There is no question of resources shortage but willingness and priorities. Governments find tourism business by taking cultural friendly measures.


Arts in action

Preserving history and heritage is prime duty of individual and government. Leaving aside the importance of other needs arts cannot be undervalued. Culture has high scale in development of human intellectual and sprite. Therefore government must create arts friendly environment and spend money as well.

All and all, arts must be admired by holistic support from individual and government.

Each year, the crime rate increase !


Crime has poly-colour and several forms such as depriving from legitimate rights and money. Humans are perpetual of crime to impose their will or fulfil desires by taking wrong means. It has roots from existence of mankind and evil will. Crime can be control by strict laws and speedy justice. The civilize society must ride off crime and ensure peace and lasting stability.


Causes of Crime

Sociologists’ state, socio-economic inequality in modern society cause to nurse crimes. The increasing gap between poor and rich is resulted to lawlessness. Constant hunger and fatal disease abet human to commit crime. When there is no right way to fulfil the needs wrong methods do serve.

Unemployment is certainly lead to snatching people’s valuable and robbery. We read stories about college graduate commit crimes because of jobless. It is one of the most appealing and dangerous cause that destroy the fabric of society. Hence working age group people are assets for economic prosperity and national development.

To curb the criminal acts civilize society needs legislation and equal justice. In other words, personal security and safeguarding property are the prime responsibilities of state. In case of violation perpetuator must subject under prescribe punishment. Thus fear of law control individual to engross others belonging.

Furthermore, unbiased and speedy justice serves to prevent crime. Instead of might is right, there are laws apply equally. The days of jungle laws are no more therefore, every one faces punishment in case of subversion people legitimate rights. Execution of law is the best remedy to narrow down criminal acts in society.

Considering human factors unlike ancient political system whereas people were hopeless before mighty and powerful one. Nevertheless, in modern social order we are familiar ideas and system that ensure protection from injustices and cruelty.

To roundup, human have senses to distinguish between right and wrong. Therefore violation cause rigorous punishment. Reduction in crime ratio only possible when execution apply without fear and favour.

Dying habit of reading newspaper

 In many countries very few young people read newspaper or follow the news on TV


Throughout history newspapers play leading role in overall nation building. Mainstream media and relevant channels are independent from fear and force. These are sources which reflect the true picture of society. It is quite essential for everyone to keep abreast yourself what is happening. Especially youngster must acquaintance about society, business and inventions. Mushroom growth of mass media has unique status in freedom and democratic ideas.

Despite growth and easy access of newspaper youngsters are driven off from habit of reading regular news. In consequence they are failed to utilize potential and fulfil responsibilities in letter and spirit. The main reasons illiteracy, poverty and unavailability of media.

download (5)

Illiteracy and drop out school ratio is a major cause of not reading newspaper. Lack of education is a bolt in society. According to research out of school children increasing globally because of constrain economic condition of lower middle class. Indeed without education incentives and collective commitment we cannot develop.

Another factor is increasing poverty and deprivation from basic needs. In the circle of destitution people are trying to provide means to family without considering the actual importance of news. Even to large extent news affect their socio-economic conditions.

Moreover, Independent research reveal that around 2 billion people are using internet and have access to get information. Resultantly rest of the people are living in remote areas with no communication channel. Therefore government and non-government steps are required to uplift the condition of people.

Assessing the gravity of issue, adequate resources utilize to distribute free or low cost newspaper. The same spirit imparted in Franc before revolution. Initiative had been taken to distribute free print papers in order to bring mass awareness.

As the matter of facts, universal campaign is needed to spread education. No nation can achieve the glory and everlasting development without literacy. Hence it is the prime duty of governments to prove free and quality education to subjects.

To close, youngsters are not blame for others deed, it is the societal responsibility to aware them and help them to lead the nation.

​Technology is a blessing or bane. 

In contemporary era technology has become central part in social and business spectrum. It helps individual and industry to reach the destney. By utilising scientific tools human travel to other planets and under water. Hence technology remains intact in over all human development. 

Considering the curse of technology; diminishing moral values,social unrest and rising violence. Modern inventions create modern life style where we loss humanity and common feelings for others. Nothing more lost we can re gain that by judicious use of technology. 

Nontheless, technology has enormous value in our society. It is a real blessing. First, inventions eroded geographical boundaries and establish universal brotherhood. Accordingly, race, colour and blood have no significant over collective causes. 

Secondly, it has also revolutionise education and getting information. Global collaboration among institutions and research centres mushroom information and settle problems. 

Thirdly, by imparting technology we can secure ourself from choronical disease and protect animals and agriculture from harmful bacteria. 

Last but not the least, technology helps human beings to discover the undiscovered and know the unknowable things. 
To conclude, advantages of technology are numerous over disadvantages. We need to use technology without compromising on fundamental principles.

Encourage artists! 

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Attending a live performing is more enjoyable that watching the same event on tv ?
Entertainment serves more pleasure if performs in actual environment. It is the duty of artists and society to keep alive the studio activities. Visiting theater and enjoying live performance is give value to become a virtual part of character. In Pre-communication advancement people travel far to enjoy and admire artists. Nonetheless, inventions of TV and radio along with long work hours replace traditional entertainment ways. Hence the artists live performance and sport events receive appreciation and reward from audience.
On the one hand, people enjoy watching drama, music and movies on screen at home to relieve and refresh themselves.  They enjoy play by live stream although they unable to create studio like response from audience. Apparently there are wide differences between traditional and technological enjoyment tools.

On the other hand, live performances have still practice in youngster on special occasions like parties and celebrations. The sad fact, modern art is dying with the passing time. Therefore living spirit is needed to attend live performance. 

 Following are the main features:

First, environment does matter while refreshing from monotonous routine. Whereas attending live performance keeps someone head and heart united and multiply enjoyment.

Secondly, technology makes human incompetent to some extent especially health problems. 

Thirdly, artists can receive applause from audience while performing. Another aspect is dialogue and story keeps everlasting impacts on viewers.  

Finally, arts councils, concert and cock studio contributes in cultural exchange of society.

In my opinion arts and sports even today attend by youngster, female and children. They enjoy more than just watching idle and wasting time on video streams.

In a nutshell, artists’ performance and sport event can admire by physical presence. Thus attending sport and concert is essential for real entertainment.  

Education key to succeed! 

In fact better schooling plays vital role in overall scoi-economic betterment. Education is like keys to open door of success. It makes outshine from rest and gives unique perception to understand the life. Hence knowledge  is undefeated  power .

Some people have opinion that success is not related to education. In argument there could be few examples indicate that people attain success without taking tradional learning. However, there might be other reasons for learning like experience and observation. To some extend these are factors of learning besides context reading. 

Undoubtedly, quaility learning is an instrument for finding opportunities. Imparting education has following characteristics; 
First, schooling is quite essential because it helps individual to think creatively and critically.
Secondly, it aids in behavioural change and self development .
Thirdly, curriculum reading make a person well verse in theory and basis. 
Finally, begging having education means holding strong reason and opinion about everything. 

In my view education is pre-requisit for greater success. It increase vission about success and strength spirts to overcome hardship. As the proverb says, ” every reader is not leader but every leader is reader. 

To summarise education reflects intellectual and leads to higher success. More importantly it teaches a person how to share success with fellow beings. 

Capitalist Society!

Modern society is at the verge of decline because of unequal distribution of wealth and opportunities. We see a few people spend money carelessly on daily basis. They celebrate special occasions by showing the power of wealth to their competitors. Having abundance of wealth but they fail to perform social responsiblities. 
Contrarty to this we see many people without basic needs such as food, education and quality health services. Both individual and governments are equally responsible for negligence.

How we can consider ourself developed and modern having many people with deprivation and destitution?
In my view, simplicity is ever good over consumerism More competition in imparting things ruins human nature and breeds social unrest 

Hence we can control crime and violence by spreading social needs of poor segment of society.

keyword Research Tools



What Is a “Keyword Research Tool?”

Keyword research tools allow you to see what people are searching for on the web, guess what else they might search for, and then optimize for those keywords.

That’s a bit technical, so let’s break it down.

If you go to and do a search for blogging, you’ll be taken to a new page where it lists different web pages that talk about blogging. What you might not realize is that your search was recorded. Search engines keep track of how many people search for different terms. It’s valuable information.

Keyword research tools collect this information from several search engines to guess how many times people search for that keyword. It’s not completely accurate, as these tools don’t have the records from all search engines.

Generally though, they do make a pretty good guess. When they’re inaccurate, it’s also fairly consistent, meaning all of the terms you’re researching are off by a certain percentage. So, you might not be able to trust the individual counts, but you can compare terms with a reasonable degree of accuracy.34

The best keyword research tools charge a small monthly fee for access. Why? Because they spend a considerable amount of money pulling together the best data and making it possible for you interpret it. If you’re planning on using keyword research as a part of your website strategy, then it’s easily worth the investment.

Which Keyword Research Tool Is Best?

Do a search for “keyword research tools” and you’ll come up with dozens of websites, software packages, and Internet marketing products. Each claims to be the best, featuring glowing reviews and pointing out their superiority over competing products.

But which keyword research tool is really the best?

It’s hard to tell. Unless you’re a keyword research expert, it’s hard to know which tool is the most accurate and useful. You’ll have to spend hours searching the web for reviews, and you’ll still come up with conflicting information about which keyword research tool is best.

I should know. I’ve spent 100 or more hours tinkering with different products, digging through forums for truthful reviews, and comparing everything to see which tools are worth buying. It’s been a nightmare, but I’ve come to two conclusions.


  • Most keyword research tools are a scam, selling you data that you can find elsewhere for free
  • All of the good tools provide the same basic service with only a few differences



Researching Products and Services to Review

One of the best ways to make money from a website is to review/recommend products and services that are relevant to your audience. Not only will your readers be predisposed toward trusting your recommendations, but search engines like Google also tend to rank reviews from authority blogs highly.

The result? You earn a constant stream of affiliate commissions from the products and services that you review.

In the long run, promoting products and services for a commission is probably the best way to build a sustainable income from creating online content. Instead of just taking a nominal fee for letting someone advertise on your blog, you can take a cut of the profits for yourself. The difference can be huge, especially if you stick with it for several years.

Do you see the opportunity here?

Keyword Research Can Help You Make Money



Now we get to the good part. Actually making money from your site.

Your blog might not propel you to the cover of Forbes, but almost anyone can make a healthy income. You just have to approach it with the same diligence and work ethic as everything else.

It also helped to start thinking about it in the beginning, instead of two years later when you realize that you picked an unprofitable niche. If you’re already in that boat, don’t worry—this section will help you squeeze a few extra dollars out of your blog.

Once again, it all starts with keyword research

How to Choose a Profitable Niche



Will anyone read the online content I produce?

It’s a terrifying question, but an important one. If you’re committed to building a popular and profitable site, you’ll have to write, read, and talk about your topic almost every day for the next several years. You’ll invest thousands of hours, quite literally gambling with your time.

The question is, how will you approach it? Will you start writing and hope someone notices you? Or will you carefully research your niche, looking for the precise angle that will make your content irresistible?

It’s never possible to know for sure whether people will like your content before you create it, but keyword research sure helps. You can see how many people are searching for your topic in the search engines, and you can use it to compare different topics to each other and gauge their popularity.